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State and Federal Weapons Charges

Jackson Lawyer Defending People Facing Mississippi or Federal Weapons Charges

Weapons charges, whether on a state or federal level, are serious matters that call for serious criminal defense. Virtually all weapons charges are felonies, and there can be serious implications even for first-time offenders, that may extend far beyond your criminal record. Trust your future to an experienced lawyer.

Kevin D. Camp has established a reputation in the Jackson, Mississippi area as a criminal defense attorney who is committed to his shielding his clients from prosecutors who are often unduly aggressive with gun charges. He will provide you with an honest assessment of your case and your options, and zealously represent you in court.

If you have a state or federal weapons charge against you, contact our office today to schedule a free consultation. We represent people throughout the Jackson area, including Oxford, Vicksburg, Hattiesburg, Ridgeland, Starkville, Pearl, Flowood, and Meridian, and in federal courts throughout Mississippi and Alabama.

At The Camp Law Firm, PLLC, we provide aggressive criminal defense for people facing Mississippi or federal weapons charges, including:

  • Carrying a weapon without a permit or license
  • Concealment of a weapon
  • Possession of an automatic weapon
  • Illegal modification of a weapon or ammunition
  • Felon in possession of a gun
  • Weapons counts combined with other criminal charges

State Weapons Charges

Mississippi prosecutors have the authority to be more flexible than the federal government in negotiating for lesser charges or reductions in prison time. Attorney Kevin Camp is familiar with the judges and prosecutors in the area, and he knows how they typically react to specific charges and fact situations.

We have been able to negotiate for school zone enhancements or other aggravating factors to be dropped, or to demonstrate mitigating factors. In most weapons charges, no proof of intent is required, so we focus on other components of the case, such as constitutional protections, search and seizure violations, and facts specific to each case.

Federal Weapons Charges

Federal gun charges are subject to the federal sentencing guidelines, which include mandatory minimum sentences for conviction. However, especially with first-time offenders, we have had success proving the uniqueness of the circumstances and arguing for probation as opposed to hard time.

Federal courts often remand the accused until trial time, which means you will remain in jail until your trial. We will vigorously press for bail so you can continue on with your life until trial.

Our experience and knowledge of the federal court system enables us to help people charged with federal gun crimes negotiate with the federal authorities and prepare for trial effectively.

We will always thoroughly explain the charges against you and your options whether you are facing a state case or being tried in a federal venue. Contact our office to schedule a free consultation about serious, aggressive defense if you are facing a weapons charge.